Distance Healing Work

During the session, I go into sacred space and meditation, and perform most of the same functions as an in-person treatment.  The person receiving does not have to be available or present.  

    • Through dowsing, I first ask for permission to work on the person, as well as permission before I do each step.
    • I ask which Esoteric Acupuncture Pattern or Egyptian Esoteric Acupuncture Points would be optimal for them at that time.  Each session is unique to that person as to what would benefit them the most.
    • I then “install” each point using a Selenite Sword of Light.  The maker of these swords, Tom Ledder, describes his Selenite Swords as Intention-Activated Sacred Cosmic Computers.  These are the same swords non-acupuncturists can use to perform needle-less Esoteric Acupuncture.  Often I start going into energy clearing immediately, which as a kinesthetic channel, means I yawn and sometimes burp.  This indicates that energy is moving, and purifying.
    •  Once again, with permission, I start an in-depth scan of each chakra, as well as the specific symptomatic areas.  With each chakra, there is either a clearing and a balancing of it.  I work with Tom Ledder’s pendulums and crystalline Ankh for this.  As an empath, I may feel and express the different emotions stuck in the particular chakras, as well as more yawning.   Often Light Language, song and prayer come in during this step, with each chakra having a different tone and melody to it.  

At the moment, I do not work on Zoom or on a call, as it would take me and possibly the receiver out of being fully present for the work.  After the session, you will receive a phone call, as well as a photo showing the worksheet of what I did, with anything pertinent that I felt or perceived noted too.